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October 6, 2013, 10:37 AM

South Fork Team and Jesse

Greetings everyone,

We are having a great time at the Church Leaders Training Academy (CLTA).  We finished another week of intense Bible Study and training with 36 students. Pastor Jonathan Carl challenged the students in many areas of the Bible and they were very encouraged.

The team from South Fork was great; well prepared and flexible. When the rains caused the roads to be so bad the bus could not get there, the team rode on the back of pickups in rain and hot sun and red dust for long distances and never complained. They went to many schools and villages and were able to minister to both children and adults, had many decisions and saw lots of smiles on children’s faces as they gave out items they brought with them. What a blessing they were and they brought a little bit of home to us here.

The Boagban Church dedication was a great time of worship. In appreciation the church provided us with gifts of Yams and a big Turkey which gave us an early Thanksgiving Day dinner.

Randy and Suzanne H. went home with their team after an extended three month stay at Seed Ministry. They did much to help so many people while they were here. They were able to share and see many people come to know Christ.

Meanwhile, back in Tamale,

  • Jesse and John continue recording the God Story in another language. Please continue to pray for Jesse’s vision of all the languages in Ghana having the God Story. It is not always easy getting the teams from each language who can translate and record. Jesse does a great job exhibiting patience and God’s love as he presses on.


  • Thomas has held another Foundation Training and trained 23 new Bible Club leaders and helpers in the Tamale and Nyankpala areas.


  • Emmanuel continues to oversee the daily activities and business needs of the ministry.


       We are waiting for John H. to arrive and we are hoping he will have some insight on why our well water has become dirty in Jirandogo. When we get back there we will be firing up the bread oven for the first time, installing a water purifier, and we are still working on finishing the wall and the other 2 room dorm as soon as we can.

      Hope you each have a blessed week. Bob & Bonnie

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10-07-2013 at 2:13 PM
Roger & Lee Dillon
We love it when the environment changes but the ministry doesn't. Way to go South Fork folks. A bunch of rain and dirt didn't stop you all!
10-06-2013 at 12:14 PM
Ellen Lewis
All sounds great, except the dirty water. God bless the work, and the workers!
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