Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We believe the Bible to be the inerrant word of God and that salvation comes only through Jesus Christ.

Our goal is to minister through training and discipling children’s workers to equip them to share Jesus with children.

We further want to expand the vision of God’s people and to provide an opportunity for them to participate in sowing the Seed of the Gospel around the world.


Key Ministry Points

We believe the children of Ghana will be best reached by local Ghanaian leaders, therefore an overriding tenet of our ministry is the training and mentoring of these adult leaders in their Christian faith. These men and women take the loving message of Jesus to the children through the direction of Seed Ministry.

We believe future generations of the African people will be influenced for the Gospel message through the current and future generations of children. This is the reason Seed Ministry focuses on children. The Christian influence of the children is taken into the home, school and everywhere else the child goes.

We believe the love of Jesus is understood best when in action. Seed Ministry assists schools, villages, churches and other organizations with their facilities, food, clothes, shoes, water wells or Boreholes, educational materials, machinery and basic provisions of life.

We believe the local Church is the hub for spiritual growth. Therefore Seed Ministry assists in support of local churches.