Peter, Sule and Wahidu have now been with us three weeks. The transition has not been as difficult as we had anticipated in some areas while in others totally unexpected things.

 We were most concerned about the language barrier and yet we all communicate very well mixing a small amount of English, Dagbani, and Charades.

 The totally unexpected is the INDEPENDENCE of Wahidu; especially about the clothes he wears. One example is the day he wanted his green striped socks to wear to school. Those happened to be dirty from the day before. He refused to wear any other pair. We talked, we conjoled, we waited and tried again and again. NO! (By the way, when you bend your left arm and throw your elbow out that is a definite NO!) Finally, we put the clean socks on him only to have him throw an absolute tantrum.

 When he throws a tantrum, we go to his room and stay until he is calm then we come back out. That morning he just refused everything that will usually help calm him. Finally, he calmed down, put the socks on and went to school, only to come back in one hour (the school is next door) carrying his shoes and socks. Once again we put them on (this time without a fight) but when he came back at the end of the day his socks were in his school bag!

 Unless he is angry about something, he goes around singing and playing all the time. He is so funny. Everything he picks up in his hand goes to his ear and he begins to say “Hello, hello”.

 He loves to play with anything with numbers on it. Still not great at the alphabet but he has only been in school for two weeks!

 The sweetest thing ever was as he watched the movie ‘Zeus and Roxanne’. I thought he would like the animals in it and put it on as I laid him down for a nap. The movie comes on with the dog running and I would say dog and he would repeat “dog”. Then when the dolphin came on I said ‘dolphin’ and he said, “WOWWWWW” Every time the dolphin would jump out of the water he reacted the same way.

 Just goes to show that even a small boy from a remote village is as amazed at the awesome way God created the universe as any of us are!

 Sule is doing well saying his alphabet but continues to struggle some with the recognition of his letters out of order. He does very well in math. He absolutely loved this past week getting to hang out with Caleb as they helped with all kinds of errands during the Pastors Conference.

 The FIRST for Sule that was the best was watching the paper go into the printer blank and come out with writing on it!

 Peter has been studying every possible moment. His Senior year has begun but he is also writing his Private Candidate exams – much like the US GED. He has finished four subjects and has four to go. He is doing a great job in mentoring and helping to take care of Sule and Wahidu.

 As I mentioned Caleb is great at hanging out with Sule and showing him many, many things. They are so funny to watch together when one minute they are quietly watching a video and the next in a wrestling match. Since they are so close in size, the matches go for some time before one gives.

 Seth has become our ‘sound technician’ and takes care of all set up for the conferences, Seedlings, any large group. He is so good at this stuff and seems to really enjoy it.

 Joy has taken on most all of the running of the household and overseeing the meals for the conference, etc. in addition to her homeschooling Seth and Caleb while I home school Sule.

 Toby and Thomas are ‘tag teaming’ Pastors Conference and Bible Club Zonal Meetings.

 Bob and Emmanuel are going around taking care of all of us and keep the rest of the ministry running smoothly. Theirs is the hardest job but I don’t know of any two who could do it better!