Our Awesome God


Our friend Philip has taught us that the only time the word Awesome is to be used is for God. He is truly the only AWESOME thing. That is why we can say absolutely, this has been another awesome week in the Lord. We have been blessed to see Him work in many ways.

We are working hard on the construction side, but are still having time to share with others as we go. One church is roofed and 2 others are close to roofing level. We had an early storm the same day the gables were put up on the Kpana Church and it blew them back down. They have been put back up, finishing the last one today, now it is evening and we are getting a lot of wind. We are praying that it goes around Kpana and not bring any destruction in its path.

We got on the road at 5:00 am Friday and had a long drive to the Salaga area and beyond. We laid out the Church building in Gulibe and started the process of getting material.

Pray with us that things do not continue to raise in cost. It seems the Ghana economy is hurting as much as the rest of the world. We have had fuel shortages, electricity off 48 hours at a time and we just heard that electric bills are going up 80%!  Wow.

While we were in the Salaga Area yesterday, we met with the Chief and a lot of the village at Jirandogo to ask about land to put an Outpost Ministry Center. We found out that the village would not sell us the land but they gave us 3 times the land that we asked for. God proves Himself faithful time after time. It will be a great place in that area for us and teams to stay. It will be a place to teach, train, Worship and live when people come for extended stays. Now we are believing God for the resources to be able to raise these buildings up in the next 3 months.

When we go to the Salaga area, I see many fishing nets being repaired and it made me think of the many many people lost in that area. Now is the time to work until the nets are full. Bob