Bob’s Corner…

Greetings everyone. We are getting some relief from the hot and dry, now it is hot and wet. We have had 2 rains that were much needed. So the farming season is on; if you are not fast you miss the season since we have such a short span of time that we will have any rain. This is our first year to have a tractor and right now we have plowed about 80 acres and hope to plow 120 acres in 4 villages before moving to a new area. We are doing this as community projects where we can encourage the churches and Bible Clubs in this area.  It’s been very exciting. You know it is God when you see blessings abound.

We have had a great Mission Camp in April this year. We asked our Zone Leaders to give us 1 young man from each zone. We have 20 of them here at Seed Ministry to teach for some days then we will take them to a community different from their own and let them do hut to hut evangelism and share their Testimonies as they go.

God uses these young men as they tell folks how Jesus loves them and how He has changed their lives. These young men are awesome and we praise God for them as we equip them and send them out into God’s
fields that are ready for the Harvest.  God Bless You. 
                                                                                                      - Bob

Bonnie’s thoughts…

We’ve had a very good month in April. After the Easter festivities were over we had some folks who used the Training Hall to hold Community Health Evangelism (CHE) training for a week. Thomas and I both attended that training and are very excited to begin to incorporate this into some of the communities where we have Bible Clubs. This CHE concept is intended to minister to the ‘whole’ person, including health and sanitation issues and community projects to have better water, food, etc.  Mixed into all of this you also are teaching Bible lessons. We see this as a natural expansion of the Bible Club into the community. Our goal is to soon begin training our Zone Leaders and Club Leaders in this ministry.
                                    - Bonnie

Bible Clubs

1st Visits to each of the Bible Clubs have now been completed and 2nd visits have begun. They are such a joy. Bob and I had the opportunity to take a couple of the Seedlings and visit a new club about 40 miles from here. After asking directions several times as we went to be sure we were still on the right road, we came to the village and began to ask of the Club Leader’s house. Upon driving as far into the village as we could, we then walked the rest of the way to her house only to hear that she was with the Bible Club at the school we had passed out on the road. Ruth and I walked on and Bob and Hamdia went back to the car to drive it back to the school. Soon I was surprised to see them come through the door because I did not hear the car. The reason… the car wouldn’t start. There is just something unsettling about being in a remote area and your car won’t start. But we enjoyed our time with the club first then walked by, turned the key and it started first try. Hasn’t given us one minute’s problem since. Isn’t it remarkable how God works? We could have fretted and worried and missed the Bible Club completely because of having to work on the car and instead God just allowed us to have fun with the children while HE took care of the car! Praise Him for how He works.

Oh, as we drove home we passed a pond with 17 crocodiles outside the water that we could count. Of course we stopped to watch and one of the local guys offered to take us down to see them close up but we refused his hospitality in that!

Thirty-nine people were baptized in the Seed Ministry baptismal pool in April!  What a time of celebration baptisms are! Think back to how you felt when you were raised up out of the water. Truly you know that the old is gone and the new has come!