Letter From 12-Year Old Ministry Team Member

From 2006
Dear Family & Friends,

I can’t believe I’m already back from Ghana.  It’s impossible to describe the trip in one page but I will try.  First let me thank you for your prayers.  They meant a lot to us, God answered and we were involved in great things.  And then there is your financial support...thank you so much.  God used me in a big way, taking me way outside my box.  The first big event for all of us was a children’s Bible Club and village crusade for a village named Limo.  Little did I know that I would be teaching about 200 people a Christian song.  I don’t even like to sing by myself in front of people and I didn’t have my sisters to back me up.  But the Lord provided me with the strength to do it.  While I was singing, the Seed Ministry staff was setting up the portable generator, lights and speakers for the Gospel message (there was no electricity in the village).  Memaw (Lee) told a Christian story and Pappy (Roger) delivered the message.  One boy came forward to receive Jesus.
Early the next morning we were in a public school and I am telling the Joseph story to young children, using a translator.  This was a lot easier for me.  Our group told this story to the whole school.  We used this program in four schools over the 10 days.  What a privilege it was to bring Christian stories to an entire school.  I wouldn’t be allowed to do this in any public school in the US.  We also handed out a small paper with the story on it.  This meant a lot to each child as they would chase us if they didn’t get a paper.  Small things mean a lot to them because they don’t have much.  Many of them walk to school for an hour and an hour home.  The school had no electricity, openings in the walls for windows and at least 4 kids to a 4 foot desk.  School let out at 1pm so the children can go home to work in the fields as most families lived by raising crops.  It sounds hard but they didn’t complain at all. Instead they smiled all the time.
One day we stuffed 100 first aid kits with medical supplies, many of which were provided by your contributions.  These kits went to the 100 Bible Club leaders who mentor 4,000 children.  Many of the children have little or no medical care.  The Bible Club leaders were excited to receive them.
Another day we went on the Soul Searcher boat to visit villages that were not accessible by land.  People lined up on the banks when they heard the boat with the bullhorn playing Jingle Bells!!  Sounds crazy but everyone enjoyed it.  We visited three villages, handed out clothes and shared Jesus with all of them.  There were over 40 people who accepted Jesus as their Savior.  We were gone for twelve hours with no bathrooms.  I didn’t know I could hold it that long!
Using the generator, we showed the Jesus Film one night to about 200 people in a village.  Whenever Jesus performed a miracle and when he rose from the dead, the people were so happy they clapped and cheered.  I don’t see this occur in the US.  More than twenty people accepted Jesus.  We have so much and they have so little, yet we are spoiled and they are satisfied.  
The Seed Ministry center was very nice, we had great food (even pizza) and the staff was so nice and committed to the sowing of the Gospel ... guess that is why it is called Seed Ministry.
This is a small sample of what Seed Ministry does in Ghana.  We spoke to over 2,000 people and saw about 140 people accept Jesus in 10 days.  Even the Muslim village chiefs see the difference that Christianity brings to a village, causing them to want to know more about Christianity.  If there were ever a place where the harvest is ripe, it must be in Ghana.  All they need is more workers.  Thank you so much for sending me as I was able to be one of the workers.  I know God had to be smiling.

Thankfully yours,

Isaiah 6:8  Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?"