Time changes the world but the world does not change God’s mind about his children. I praise God for 63 birthdays, for our staff and for a group of partners like you that has a heart for people and a zeal for Christ and to make Him known to the ends of the earth.
      The staff and ministry helpers gathered around me and laid hands on Mama Bonnie and I and prayed for our ministry together and prayed that God would give us more years to minister together. Thanks for all the cards and words of encouragement this week.
     You should have had some of my Mango Bread and Fan Ice Cream. WOW a little bit of Heaven! Bob


Shanta Hardrick Burrell - Hey Melissa,Don't know if you remember us but Iliya and my dauthger Morgan were good friends at the CDRC at UA. I was just looking at your site and can't believe how much Iliya has grown. We will keep you and your family in our prayers and keep us posted about your new addition.Shanta Burrell
Bonnie Esterle
Happy belated Birthday Bob!!! What is fan ice cream?? or is that a really stupid ?? The mango bread sounds like heaven, maybe one day we can "share" our birthdays together over there!! mine was the 9th and that would be super!! Hope and pray its a great year for you and that you and Bonnie will be blessed beyond measure!! love and blessings to you both
Connie & Larry Roach
Happy Happy Belated Birthday!! You are doing a fabulous job carrying out God's will for His people in Tamale. Here's to many more years of service and much eneryy with fibrant health.
Carolyn and Wayne
Happy Birthday Bob. Hope this was one of your best yet. We really miss you two since you left. Love you both.
janie hudgin
hope your birthday was a blessing. i know your are a blessing to many people including me. . loved to have had some mango bread and fan ice cream. maybe next time i'm there Bonnie can make some. love to you both.
Jo Goff
Hope you had a Blessed Birthday!! And hope you have many more!! I was blessed to meet a lady whose name is Susie, can't remember her last name, from Hart Co., she and her husband and their church come and help you guys there in Africa!! Enjoyed talking with her and seeing her pictures!!
Lisa Gamble
Happy Birthday Bob! I wish I was coming! India was amazing!!! You and Bonnie are in my prayers.
Sharon Eisele
Well Happy Birthday. I need to get your address from Toby & Joy so I can send mail you a card like I did them. Saw them last night at Sheppard. We heard Seth play guitar, and some other boys sing. It was great. And I'm curious about fan ice cream. Have to ask Joy... take care.
Johnny Byrd
Happy Birthday Bob! Looking forward to being with you in the fall!
phebee marr
Happy Belated Birthday Bob!!! Love ya!
Andrew Hanlein
Isn't there anyone older than me! Bob - have a have a happy 63, and God bless all you do. Andy
A.L. & Myra Courtney
Happy Birthday, Bob. We praise God for your continued ministry in the Tamale area. We are enjoying your new blog and getting to experience some of your work vicariously. Blessings.
Charlie Vittitow
Bob, you guys are an inspiration in faithfulness. Thanks for showing your love for our Lord Jesus by sharing what He has done for you! We love you and Happy Birthday.
martin frempong
Happy Birthday
martin frempong
Happy Birthday
Frank Thomas
I can sort of imagine Mango Bread - what is Fan Ice Cream?
A couple more weeks and I'll be saying hello to 75!
Glad you enjoyed your birthday - may you have many more - given what you have seen accomplised, and given how things multiply, can you visualize what may be in a few more years?

Jalynn Speaks
Happy Birthday! See you soon!
pat bewley
lots of blessingson your bd, bob. loved having you two
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