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September 17, 2013, 11:54 PM

Greetings From Jirandogo

Greetings From Jirandogo,

We are seeing blessing after blessing. Larry and Jay were with us in Jirandogo all the way from Florida leading a Pastors Conference. Seventy-four pastors total registered with sixty-six of them meeting the requirements for their certificates. Everyone enjoyed their teaching and it rained just enough to keep the temperature cool most days but not enough to keep the pastors from coming.

Then Friday Bonnie had the Ladies for class and I had the Children. Bonnie worked on English and the book of Mark with the ladies. I worked on teaching the children to tell time and it was a lot of fun. We finished out the afternoon with the how to be Obedient to God using the story of Abraham. We closed with some games of Duck-duck Guiana Fowl - OK you had to be there. 

Here is our God story for the week… He is always so faithful. First of all, the well is working and we have water but don’t have the purifier installed yet so we are buying bottled water and the pure water sachets that are commonly sold here. Being in a village they don’t stock as many as we actually need; plus there were 6 funerals going on in surrounding villages. That meant searching further was futile. Then, there we are eating supper one night when Christopher knocked on the door to tell us there was a truck at the gate selling water sachets and said he would give us his phone number and he will deliver them anytime we want them! And just to add one more topping to that – the price is half price to what we were paying!!! Isn’t that just like God to meet our needs at half the price?!!!!

Meanwhile, back in Tamale, Randy and Suzy continued going into Bible Club communities visiting and sharing the Word with everyone who will listen. Praise God for their boldness as they share. They have been able to talk to so many people and the message has gone far and wide due to their faithfulness to go. Randy claims he is “only a farmer” but he can sure take the message out in such a simple, down home way that everyone wants to listen. And Suzy has such a servant’s heart always teaching and loving on people. They truly are a blessing.

Jesse has arrived to have the God’s Story translated into more languages. His pastors are arriving in teams of two and, along with John, should be translating and recording two to three languages in just over a week followed by more the next week. Another amazing work of God.




09-18-2013 at 10:44 AM
Sharon Eisele
That just warms my heart. Three simple words: God is great.
09-18-2013 at 5:30 AM
Roger & Lee Dillon
Armies couldn't do the work accomplished by only a few when God is leading them!
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