Hello everybody and thanks for your prayers.

           Well we are back in Indiana after being in Tamale 2 ½ months, which is a record for us having the shortest stay in 12 years. This last month I contacted Malaria again and it knocked me for a loop and drained all my energy. I am already doing better again but after praying and consulting with family and friends, we have decided to come back and get some tests, medical checkups, some rest and just take it easy for a while.

We have had a lot of ministry opportunities and a lot of visitors to help with the work. The Hope team leaves Ghana today. They have done a wonderful job visiting Bible Clubs and they led three conferences for our Bible Club Leaders that was most appreciated by the Club Leaders.

Our Seed Ministry staff is such a blessing and God always helps them step up a notch to take care of visitors and do what ever it takes to get God’s word out. The Bible Clubs and Churches continue to grow and the communities are doing well. God is giving us open doors in many places. Emanuel, Thomas and John will handle the ministry in Ghana well. We are still able to talk with them often and receive updates daily.

Our not being there will not affect you that are planning or have already planned a trip to Ghana. The staff will be ready and your places to minister will be ready to receive you. We just will not have the joy of being with you. Thanks and God bless.  Bob & Bonnie     


S,Henry Bundor
Thanks for your good services,i do enjoy the teaching of the word on the daily basis
Gabriel Biswsd, (Bangladesh).
I am Pastor Gabriel Biswas,
my country of Bangladesh,
I am no shepherd of any church,
I am an independent pastor,
I do not get any support,
I have two daughters,
my family lacks a lot of money,
I have to rent a house,

I have a lot of trouble What do I do now? ? ?.

My wife was a Muslim,
she believes in my Lord Jesus Christ,
that I marriage as a Christian,
my country is a Muslim country,
so I had to suffer many sorrows,
I did not leave the Lord till the end,
as long as I live the Gospel of my Lord Jesus Christ do,
to ensure the salvation of all human beings,
as many as those who became Christians from Hindu and Muslim communities in my area.
I prayed, my Lord,
find out the lost sheep and pray in the Lord together with the weekly churches, gather all the Gospel of the good news,
make my family,
my country, as the kingdom of Christ Christ,

Jesus Name Amen,

you also pray for us Do.
God bless you,

Gabriel Biswas
I am the Lord's Supper, I preach the good news of the Lord Jesus Lord, with your help, I pray to my Lord Jesus Christ, Jesus Name Amen.
Gabriel Biswas
How do you want to help me? In order to promote the gospel of the Lord in Bangladesh, you can come directly to Bangladesh to preach the Word of God, and send your gift or tenth monthly monthly, or in any way you can support, all the blessings and blessings of the Lord, Amen,
Gabriel Biswas
Can i work with you We can preach the good news in Bangladesh, God bless all the unbelieving people of Bangladesh, pray to the Lord to help us,
Roger & Lee Dillon
As we pray for God's healing hand on your body and for the rest you need, we look forward to seeing how He will do mighty things with your 'revised' schedule.
Jo Goff
Praying for a speedy recovery and lots of rest for you both while you are here!! Love you guys!!

Kofi Frempong
May the Balm of Gilead heal you
Lisa Gamble
Bob and Bonnie, my prayers are with you. If you need anything at all while you are in the US please let me know. Love you both, Lisa
machelle mcdowell
If you need us to help you with anything at all, please don't hesitate to ask. With much Love! Machelle
Randy and Suzanne
This is your time of replennishment and care for yourselves. We want the very best for you both. LOVE and Prayers
John Kurnick
Bob, prayers for safe travels for you all and a speedy recovery. Please let us know if we can help.
We're praying for your health & encouragement!!
Love & prayers to you both, rest well and feel better soon!!
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