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And the Winner is...10th Annual Regional Rally


The Seed Ministry 10th Annual Regional Rally was held Saturday and it was a big success. What a great day it was! Everyone here was very excited and you could tell the participants were nervous. Children from 112 of the Bible Clubs have been competing in their own clubs and in their zones. The thirty-five finalists were here trying to recite as many questions and verses as possible. Thomas was the head judge who asked the questions in Dagbani and English. The students had to answer the questions word-for-word without any mistakes.
The quizzing started at 9:30 am and some of students went through all the questions (almost 300). Thomas would read questions to the 35 children. They had to be under 15 years old to participate. The questions varied in difficulty. The question was read in English, then in Dagbani. The timer would then be started. First round 25 sec., Second round 20 sec., then for the remaining rounds they had just 15 sec. Here were two questions that occurred during the final rounds.
--  Question 178: How many times did Peter deny Jesus? Answer: 3. (no problem)
--  Question 185: What does it mean to 'Remain in Christ'? Answer: 1)to believe that Jesus is God's Son, 2)to receive Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, 3)to do what God says, 4)to continue to believe the Good News of Jesus Christ, 5)to continue to love one another. (can you do that in 15 sec.?)
At 12:30 we took a break and then the students that were left started to recite Scripture. It was amazing to hear them say these verses very fast by memory. The participant who won stopped at 54 Bible verses. The children impressed (or humbled) us all with what they had learned.  "Hide Your Word in my heart that I may not sin against God."
All of the participants went away with something. There were some great prizes for the top winners. The 3rd Place winner received a small radio and a few Cedis (money). 2nd Place won a phone with enough Cedis to activate, register, and purchase minutes. 1st Place won some Cedis and a new bicycle. All were happy with their prizes.
The ladies fixed lunch for everyone present (close to 300!).  roundnut Soup & Rice Balls for supper as the Bible Club Leaders, Helpers and Participants dotted the Seed Ministry compound as they ate and studied for the rally.
On Sunday, December 5, Toby was glad to preach at the Kalpohine church. How would you like to be the one who held the drums down in the morning worship services as someone played them?
Christmas in the Langbinsi Zone

Whenever time allows we have been collecting and putting together Christmas gifts for the Seed Ministry Bible Club leaders and their helpers. We have also been putting together gifts for every one of the over 6,000 children registered in the Bible Clubs. The gifts would seem very small to some but for the children that have very little to begin with it the only gift they will receive this year. Thanks to all the individuals and churches and teams that have carried extra toys and gifts for the children Christmas this year.
Their gift consists of a pencil, a few crayons, a few sheets of coloring paper, a small notebook, one piece of candy, a bookmark with a Bible verse, and a small toy (usually a McDonalds toy donated by someone from the states). We were able to hand out a few of these gifts to the children's club leaders. The club leaders will hand them out for Christmas. They love the kids in their clubs and this will give them something tangible for the children. These are the items in the gift bags for the club leaders and helpers; Ten Christian books, five items of clothing, a box of chalk, packets of milk powder, a box of tea and two cups of sugar. The Leaders also were given a gift bag for their club. It had enough candy to give every child in their club two pieces, a soccer ball (which is a very big deal!), and a bag of over the counter medicine. Having a little peroxide around 50 barefoot soccer players is always a good thing. These gifts are given by Seed Ministry, which exist because you give to Seed Ministry. Thank you.
Christmas on the mission field here in Ghana is special. There is always another mouth to feed, another injury to bandage, another person to tell the Good News to. Will you tell someone in this time of celebration Luke 2:11 “for there is born to you this day in the city of David a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord.”
We are so thankful and grateful to our God we serve for His grace and mercy. We praise Him for our family that have joined us here and our family that helps us so much from the US. Thank you to our board and everyone that gives and prays for us here. May God Bless your efforts.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Seed Ministry Staff !