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August 25, 2013, 5:33 AM

Church Leaders Training Academy

We have finished the first week of the Church Leaders Training Academy! It was very successful in terms of the number of students and their participation. We were planning on having a class of 30 but allowed 5 more to come so we have 35 registered. Some cannot read at all; some can read Konkomba; some can read English – really at all levels so everyone is working together to teach each other. We all had a great time with it.

Bob taught on Church History and ‘Christian Character in Everyday Living’ in the Victorious Christian Living class.

Bonnie taught about how God gave us the Bible, using the Bible to interpret the Bible and the importance of including it in our lives everyday.

Suzy taught English using the book of Mark. This was possibly their favorite class! Those that don’t know English are very excited to be learning and those that cannot read are very excited to be learning to read.

Randy finished up the day with an Evangelism class. He taught them using ‘storying’ with the Picture Cloth to give them some ideas on stories they can easily share with others.

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ALSO – on a different note – 14 MORE BARRELS HAVE ARRIVED!!! Praise the Lord. We have three completely full of toys, two with clothes, another with shoes, bags and miscellaneous (peanut butter pretzels for Bob and nuts for Bonnie :-) ),  four with back packs, three with school supplies, and now that their trip is about half gone, one Randy & Suzy shipped for their trip.  Can hardly wait to get these to the Area Leaders. TALK ABOUT THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING! You are blessed to be able to give; Area Leaders are blessed to receive them and for them to be able to give them to the Club Leaders for them to give to the Bible Club Children.  Thank you so much.


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05-23-2015 at 4:24 AM
Beloved in the Lord,


Greetings to you in Jesus Name.

We are a local church ministry serving God here in Malawi and Mocambique,through Winning souls to Christ,Church planting,distribution of Christian literature,care for orphans/vunerable/widows/elderly and disabled,and also man to man witnessing the Gospel

We have come across your address through God’s will and we would like to serve God through leadership trainings and or any means or services that God shall lead you to do here.

By this same letter,we are also inviting you or your delegetes to come here this year to minister to the spiritually hungry souls.You may also share this invitation to your friends,co-workers,relatives,etc.

Be blessed abundantly

Rev Dr. Kondwani Rabson Chilewa
P.O.Box 5856
Central Africa
+265 888901234
+265 885500755
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