ChristWay Team January 2013

Mama Kathy from Tennessee...
   When God called me to lead a team to Africa 1-1/2 years ago, I was not expecting it to be to Ghana. I had never even heard of it. But after the Mummy to Mission's with Joshua, I knew this was where I was supposed to come.
   God put me in the hands of the most kindest, patient people I could ever ask for. Never leading a team of adults before, I had so many questions. But the best answer Bob Parker ever gave me was this. "If you can get a team to Accra Ghana, I will take care of you until time to go home." There has never been a more truer statement. You guys have taught me more about team leading than I could ever learn without you and God's help.
   I have seen more children and villages than I thought possible, and I'm still learning 2 days before going home about your love and kindness for us and your ministry.
   I cannot wait to get home and share all the wonderful memories I have made and stories I get to tell. 

   I want to thank you for allowing me to serve in this amazing ministry. I cannot begin to put into words the joy I have experienced these past 10 days! The Sunday service at Victory Church was one of the top five happiest days in my life. I have found my "Happy Place"!
   Ministering to and pouring into the people of Ghana has changed my life forever. I consider it an honor and privilege to work shoulder to should with you and your Seedlings. And an even bigger honor to be welcomed into the surrounding villages to spend time with the amazing people of Ghana. 
   I am joyful from the top of my head to the tips of my toes! My soul is renewed!

   When I was preparing to come to Ghana, I was planning on God using me to change the lives of others here. While I do, in fact, believe God used me significantly, it was the people of Ghana and the Seed Ministry that changed many parts of my life. Each time we went into a village, I became more humnbled that God would give me the privilege to serve and love on these people. God used a baby urinating on me to teach me that God loves us all, even when we are unclean - including me! God also showed me unconditional love that doesn't see language or color barriers through numerous children and their hugs and smiles.
   Ghana is permantly imprinted on my heart and a genuine partnership has been formed between myself, Seed Ministry and their staff. God willing, this will not be my last trip. Thank You

   I can't begin to say enough about your amazing ministry. Seed Ministry is such a blessing to so many men, women and children. To see it first hand and experience God's love in the very hardest reached areas is a blessing to me and will never be forgotten. To hear the preacher speak so highly of you on my last day here is also confirmation of the thousands of lives you reach and growing. God's Blessings on your ministry. You will be forever in my prayers and heart.

This could have been the trip of a lifetime, but I'm praying it's not because I really, really want to come back. Every part of the trip has been unforgettable. The Seed Ministry Staff went out of their way to take care of any and all needs, and even some wants as well. I have fallen in love with Bob, Bonnie, Peter and the entire staff and regardless if God allows me to come back, I will support this ministry! The people of Ghana are the most gracious, humble, joyful people and I pray I touched them as much as they touched me.

   To say that my time spent with you and your wonderful co-workers at Seed Ministry was special doesn't begin to describe how full my heart is with love and admiration. I felt like I was at home - especially when we returned every evening! Seed Ministry is indeed an oasis in the desert. Thank you for allowing me the opportunities to minister and be ministered to in so many different ways. I will forever be grateful to God for putting the people of Ghana on your hearts! He has used you in mighty ways to show the love of Jesus to so many people and He has used you to mature this old man (63! ha!) in ways I would not mature had I not been with you. Thank you so much!...

   Thank you so much for allowing me to come here to your home and partner up with your ministry. The local Seedlings were such a blessing and your staff were well qualified in not only providing our needs, but also in spreading the Gospel. I never thought that serving on a mission team could bring such incredible joy and I thank you for all that you have done. I pray that God will allow me to come this way again and serve our King alongside such valiant warriors in His army.

   What a great experience at Seed Ministry with Bob & Bonnie. They have been so welcoming to us. They have such a big heart for these little children here in Ghana. God is planting Seeds and spreading His love throught the villages. There are many churches being raised through the help of the Parkers, the translators and the Seedlings that they have taught and mentored. They are such a blessing. The Staff at Seed Ministry are wonderful and the Center was a great place to rest up after the busy days.
   Thank you Bob & Bonnie, staff and translators for helping grow God's Kingdom and grow me as well.

   My experience at Seed Ministy in Ghana was absolutely phenominal. I spent the majority of my time playing with kids and ministering to the men of various villages. God revealed a lot to me about my own life as well. I was very blessed by all of the people I met here as well as inspired. I thank God for using this ministry to allow me to serve as well as be blessed.

   My experience here at Seed Ministry has been beyond belief. God has done so much here already and I am honored to be able to come and plug into the work started by Bob and Bonnie Parker.
  ...The Christ followers here in Ghana have taught me that what is important is the basics of our faith. Believe the truth that is in the Bible, accept Jesus as your Savior, and show love to others boldly.
   Seed Ministry itself has made this experience the most impactful. Once we arrived in Accra, we were taken care of completely. The Bible Clubs, the evangelism opportunities (door to door), church services, and the Crusades were well organized (sometimes by God :). The staff at Seed Ministry was just incredible. Bob and Bonnie are wonderful stewards of the Gospel here in Ghana.
   In addition, the staff, everyone of them, were a blessing to work with! Their hospitality and boldness for Cnhrist Jesus was awesome.
   Finally, the facilities here at the compound were awesome. Separate bedrooms with bathrooms, showers and air conditioning!
   Seed Ministry has been a great blessing to our team and made this trip an awesome experience. I would highly recomment this experience to any mission team considering doing missions abroad. Especially first time mission goers. God bless the ministry.

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