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I give up. I have got to do this - a Blog. I guess I never thought I would come to this stage in my life but here it is, I’m becoming a blogger… well here goes.

We had a great day on Sunday as we celebrated with our special Granddaughter Emily and she was called up to lead the packed out Gym in Prayer. I was so proud of her accomplishments… the rope she had around her neck for being an honor student and all her academic successes. But when she took the stage and prayed in front of her peers I almost lost it. That was more special than anything to see faith lived out through Emily.

Being in the U.S. longer this time and spending more time with family and friends made it harder for us to return to Ghana on Monday. But we are here in Accra now taking care of business and giving God glory for children, grandchildren, friends and family.

 Most of all praising Him for the Ministries that God lets us enjoy and be a part of.     Bob


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  January 2021  
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