What a great week this is turning out to be. Though one very sad note is the president of Ghana died suddenly last night and the VP was sworn in. So please be in prayer that the country will remain peaceful during this time of loss and changes.
     God has given us so many blessings this week as the HLBC team has been going into schools and communities. Scott and Clay, along with the Seedling translators are teaching and playing with the children. Wendy and Sherri are spending time with the ladies giving lotion and hand massages and then going into the Word.
     Yesterday at Tiduripe was a special blessing as they gathered under the tree and collectively as a community said they are ready to be taught about Christianity! They have heard it about it before but now they want it! The Pastor does visit them occassionally already and will now be going out on a more regular basis teaching the basics. 
     We will also be sending them more help to actually begin a Bible Club. We have tried this several times here and they were never consistant after receiving their training. We are believing this is the time!
     Another blessing yesterday was when we drove on down to the river to show it to everyone. Neither the team nor most of translators had ever seen it. We got down to the river's edge and there was a headmaster from one of the schools we regularly visit. He was so happy to see us and warmly greeted Bob and me, expressing how long it had been since he had seen us since Toby, Joy and the boys were the ones visiting while they were here.
      Then as parents we were doubly blessed when he went on to say, "Oh how I miss Toby. The way he taught and interacted with the children was the best I have seen. You could just tell he is filled with the Holy Spirit. I have never seen anyone interact with the children as well as he does."
     Of course, we were agreeing with every word he was saying! Hope you are having a blessed week as well.