September 16, 2010 Tamale Praises (Quick Update)

Praise Update

Well it has been a VERY busy few weeks! Bob has worked so hard getting the Guest House repaired, the electricity wiring rerun, the plumbing, etc. etc. etc. I honestly do not know how he manages to keep his mind when you watch all that is going on around him. Because even with this extra stuff to do, all the other work must still go on!
* Lameshegu Church building has been started and the foundation poured but the trucks cannot get in to dump the fill rock so he has had to pull the masons off for awhile waiting on the rains to stop.
* The extra wall support seems to be holding very well. Praise God for that.
* We've been meeting with each of the Zone Leaders to hear about their year and their plans for their zones. That's a real time consuming thing but it is also such a joyful thing for us because we get to hear MANY testimonies of how God is working through them in their zones. Specifically this year we are asking how the God Story is helping them, their Bible Clubs, their churches and their communities. They have a vast amount of praises for the way people, Christian and non Christian alike will sit and listen to it. They are playing it for the children and the children will sit and listen very carefully to not miss any. They are playing it in their churches; some are playing it after the service has ended and the whole church stays to here it. They are playing it in their villages at the places where people just sit to talk (you know like the old 'Liar's Benches'). They say some folks will get up and walk away but most want to hear over and over. Across the board, they keep wanting them to repeat the Creation up to
the fall of man.
* John H and I have been diligently working trying to get all of the administrative stuff caught up again. We are just a few days away from the actual launching of our new Ministry Activity Program! Thank you Chip, Roger and Teressa!!!!! The goal of this program is to track ALL of our ministry activities in a single Access database and we are so close to being there.  
* Dr. Steve has arrived and is staying with us while teaching at the Baptist Seminary. He has also helped us with some additional questions we had on Access and is encouraging us in moving on with this.
* Phillip and Susan have arrived and have completed a week long Marriage Counselor's Training for 5 couples and are now leading Marriage Conferences in several churches.
* Thomas and John spent a few days in the Yama/Wungu area visiting the clubs and going 'overseas' now that there is a bridge there. Please be praying about this area as we are looking at starting more Bible Clubs there. But this is still another people's group so it will mean God providing the right people for us to work with there.
* Herb left us to go back to the states. It was great having him around again. His driver's training was good for the guys but might have added a few more white hairs to Herb! He also helped with the first God Story training and the giving of the first of the Mega Voices.
* We will have a 2nd God Story Training on Sept 25 to give out another 30+ Mega Voices!
* Meanwhile, we are also preparing for the first teams coming in October. South Fork arrives the first week with 18 people! At the same time Jesse arrives to start more recordings of God Story in other languages. He usually has 2 pastors at a time with him. Adding Steve to that mix and we will have 22 folks here! That will be the most we have had for ministry at one time and we are EXCITED.
Think about (and PRAY about) all of the different ministries that will be going on in that ONE week! Steve teaching pastors, Jesse recording God Story, Church Leadership Conferences, Evangelism, First Aid, Ladies Ministry, Children's Ministry, Lameshegu Church building, Seedlings, Preaching, Going into schools, Encouragement, Helping Others. I can't even sit here and think about all of the different types - is our God the most AMAZING God that could ever be!!! How some cannot believe in Him, I will never understand.
On the down side, there has been some sort of '24 hour bug' going around and we have nearly all had our fair share of it.  prayerfully, it has now finished its stay and will go away.
On the UP side, Toby, Joy, Seth and Caleb will be here in exactly TWO MONTHS!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!
Thank you to each of you who continue to support us in prayers, encouragement and financial support. We truly know how blessed we are because of your obedience to what the Lord calls you to do. May He bless you abundantly.
Reaping in joy,
Bob & Bonnie
Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.
Psalm 126:5