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November 19, 2013, 3:17 PM

2013 Tamale Regional Rally

What a wonderful week last week was! They don’t get much better; so many testimonies of God’s faithfulness! Just a great time of fellowship in the Lord.

It has been good to have Samuel from Uganda staying here with us while he ministered with John A. although we had to leave him for part of the week and I am afraid we neglected him terribly. Thankfully, the staff took great care of him and I think he had a very productive week and is more than ready to get back to his own family.

One of the things we always try to do as we travel from place to place in Ghana is to pray as soon as we get in the car. Always praying for safe travels, no accidents, no mechanical or tire problems, and for God to go before us and smooth the roads. He blesses us so much and He is always so faithful. We have had a few times He has allowed us to make memories with mechanical problems or changing tires but for the most part, our trips have always been great. And sometimes He even really does smooth the roads for us! We were very excited as we drove to Jirandogo because they had graded a little more of the road. Then as we drove back to Tamale on Thursday, we were VERY excited to see all but 3 miles of the road had been graded!!!! Wow! Did that ever make a difference in our drive. We were still on the road 4 hours to get here but it was smoooooth. If you have been to Ghana, you know what I mean when I say “What a praise”!

The four days of Church Leadership Training in Jirandogo went extremely well. There was a teacher’s meeting that took out some of our students so our number was only at 28 but we sure enjoyed our time. We were blessed to have a young man come from more than 100 miles away to see if he could join the class because he has heard such good reports about it all the way at his place.

As soon as we closed on Thursday, we drove back to Tamale so we could be here Friday for the arrival of the children that would be spending the night in preparation for the Tamale and Nyankpala Areas Regional Rally on Saturday.

Once again, the children answering the questions were amazing. They did not finish all of the questions this year so they did not get to Scripture Memorization before we had a winner as they have done in the past; that was a little disappointing. But how can you possibly be disappointed when these children, all under 15 years of age, answered 190 questions? Watching them jump up and answer the question with no hesitation what so ever even before it is completely read? Amazing is the only word I know to describe it. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners were all very excited with their goats and even more excited with their footballs!


It is beyond our comprehension how God is growing this ministry. Of course, along with growth come changes. It is exciting to be a part of watching how those changes occur and the many lives that are affected.

That leads to our other big news to finish out last week… Emmanuel and his family have now moved into the Mission House with us. It is going to be different having four children living with us again but we are excited. We travel so much now to the Outposts and Emmanuel oversees so much of the ministry; this is going to be one of those win-win situations for his family, us and Seed Ministry. It is just one more testimony about God’s faithfulness!

Now we are in Accra to pick up the East Bernstadt team. They arrived safely and we head to Tamale tomorrow. Please pray for safe arrival and a great time of ministry.


11-21-2013 at 1:01 PM
Don Sapp
How great!How amazing!So exciting to read about Gods working in Ghana!!All this and "snake handlers"too!!Blessings to you all!!
11-19-2013 at 6:10 PM
Randy and Suzy
Hooray on the graded roads and the FAITH work Samuel and John A presented to God's Glory! Seeds are scattering everywhere. Great to hear updates! Look out northeast GH, the snake handlers have arrived. Just had to say that....
11-19-2013 at 4:23 PM
We're especially praying for you all during these next few weeks of ministry with Bro.Norm and his church group!!
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