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As you view this web site we pray God will touch your heart as you see the beautiful children of Ghana and a lifestyle that is possibly much different from yours.

Seed Ministry ministers throughout the country of Ghana, Africa, primarily training children’s leaders to show the love of Christ to the children. We use many means of evangelism to reach the children as you will see as you travel throughout our web site.

You will also understand how you can join a Mission Team to serve with Seed Ministry in Ghana to make an eternal difference in the lives of many….including your own!

We would love to see you soon...in Africa!                                         Rev. Bob & Bonnie Parker


Gospel In A Barrel
Praise the Lord! Fourteen more barrels have arrived!!!

We have three completely full of toys, two with clothes, another with shoes, bags and miscellaneous (peanut butter pretzels for Bob and nuts for Bonnie),  four with back packs, three with school supplies, and now that their trip is about half gone, one Randy & Suzy shipped for their trip.  Can hardly wait to get these to the Area Leaders. TALK ABOUT THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING! You are blessed to be able to give; Area Leaders are blessed to receive them and for them to be able to give them to the Club Leaders for them to give to the Bible Club Children.  Thank you so much.

This is going to be a great avenue for getting things here for the children. The churches and individuals have done a great job getting these packed and shipped. We pray this will be an ongoing ministry that we are calling “Gospel In A Barrel”. If you, your family, your church or organization, would like to help get much needed items to our Bible Clubs, which number over 9,000 children,
You can buy the barrel, fill it and ship it for $200.

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 Please be praying for the following 

1. Many Bible Club children to know Christ as their Savior and that they will take His name home to their families.

2. Outpost Area Leaders as they continue to develop their areas

3. Praise God for the four new church buildings and that God will them to overflowing with believers.

4. The new Jirandogo Ministry Center - Praise God for the well being dug and that many Bible Club Leaders and Church Leaders will be trained there.

5. The Teams that are coming to minister with us this year 

Contact Us In Ghana

Seed Ministry Ghana Headquarters
Box 465 ER
Tamale, Ghana
Telephone:  011-233-244-713213

Great Mission Opportunities

If you or your church is looking for a good opportunity to go on a short term or extended mission trip in Africa, Seed Ministry is a great opportunity.  Bob and Bonnie have worked with teams for many years and can help you plan and carry out a very productive trip.  You partner and work right along side them in their ministry.

Seed Ministry