Obstacles to Opportunities


Greetings from Tamale,

We continue to have many times that God uses us to change "obstacles into opportunities" (as author and pastor James McDonald calls it). We had a very talented and energetic team scheduled to minister with 2 churches here. The leaders, Vince and Brenda, came and set up everything while we were in the states. They were to arrive in Tamale on the 13th, host a 2 day Pastors Conference, 3 Crusades and preaching in the local churches.

Great plans - everything set, until their flight was canceled in the states and they were sent to another city - whoops missed that flight. The next day they then flew to Amsterdam - ok only 2 days late. Oh, but wait, the plane was only half full. The captain comes on and says there are stranded passengers in Dublin, Ireland. It will just delay them a small time and they will call ahead for those that have connecting flights to wait for them; whoops - been there done that. They don’t.

Picked up stranded passengers; get into Amsterdam, run to gate - sorry plane left 10 minutes ago. "We will get you on the flight tomorrow to Accra." They arrived in Accra very tired, ready to take the early morning flight to Tamale - whoops flight full; "we will get you on the late afternoon flight." Even that was 2 hours late but they got here safely. We fed them and took them directly to a crusade where they had several new converts. Praise God!

In the mean time, while they were waiting in Airports, Bonnie and I had the privilege of teaching the Pastors Conference for two days and I preached the first night of the Crusade. We were able to contact the Assembly of God Seminary and Baptist Seminary and they gave us their graduating classes for a one day Conference. They had 48 of the next generation of Pastors. Is that not turning Obstacles into Opportunities? What an Awesome God we serve.

The Art Alive Team has done so well and we praise God for their willingness to come to the northern part of Ghana. As they leave we are hoping they will return again soon.



bonnie esterle
You both are such God troopers!! I'm always amazed at the challenges God throws your way and how you always come out with a victorious God story!! Always lifting you both up in prayer, what a witness to all of us...love in Him
Brittany Haas
I love the comment from James McDonald!! You are perfect examples of stepping into whatever God gives you, with His perfect timing.
Roger Dillon
God has prepared you two to be leaders 'on the spot'. What you described would strike fear into most people, yet it's just more opportunites for you all! My, my, my, what a work He is doing through you two. To God be the GLORY.
Bless their hearts. I'm glad they finally made it. Praise God for the Seed Ministry and how easily (haha) Bob and Bonnie keep things running so smoothly. Nothing can stop the move of the Holy Spirit!!
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