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January 24, 2013, 8:01 AM

Home From Salaga


Thanks for all your prayers and comments about our trip to Salaga. You see, we did survive as God most definitely knew we would. We had a great time of fellowship the next morning laughing with Thomas and Emmanuel about their perception of the experience. Then we were back out in the villages and made a long day of it and drove back to Tamale instead of spending a second night out.

What a great time we had with meeting with a lot of the Bible Club Leaders and heard testimonies about their clubs. Some reported that the number of children were dropping while others were increasing. Of course there is always the issues of parents sending their children to work in the fields or other errands like getting the water, etc. Since most of these parents are not Christians and even the ones that are, don’t always see the benefit of the Bible Club. Yet in the Testimonies we heard several say that there is definitely a difference in the children that are coming to the Bible Club. Even visiting school officials were commenting on it to some of the Club Leaders.

The best thing is that they are seeing children coming into the church and even some of their families have joined them. And that is what it is all about – being a part of God’s growing Kingdom!


01-29-2013 at 2:04 PM
Carolyn Wooldridge
Our prayers are with you as you contunue to do God's work.
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