History Summary

A brief chronology of the ministry is shown below:


· Moved into rental house
· Began establishing relationships
· Became involved with local churches
· Training in local communities for pastors & leaders

· Bible clubs started with 1st one at our home and grew
   to be divided into 4 Bible Clubs



· Had a goal to start at least 6 new Bible Clubs. At year
   end 33 Bible Clubs were active!
· Ministry team started
· 3 acres of land purchased, ministry facility started
· Bible Club leader training established
· Savelegu Methodist, Abuashi Methodist, Bonyaŋashe
   Methodist, and Pigu Baptist church buildings were




· Bible Club competitions were established and game
   pieces were given to each club for activities for the
· Tamale Ministry Center completed.
· Soul Searcher boat started.
· Leadership training began in Ministry Center
· Kalpohine Baptist, Faith Baptist Pavilion, and
   Nyankpala Missionary Bible Baptist church  buildings
   were completed.
· Zagyuri Pastor’s House was built.
· Nyankpala widows ministry began with 37 ladies giving
   them rice, soy beans, and corn as income generating
   projects for them to sell.




· Bible Clubs jumped to 88 with 3,501 children attending

· Soul Searcher boat launched going into 7 villages
   visited on the Volta River.
· Jesus Film project initiated.
· Upper East Region Bible Clubs began – 1st
   introduction into northeastern Ghana.
· Helped complete Jekpahi A/G, Yoggu Baptist,
   &Tampe-Kukuo Roman 
Catholc church buildings.




· Bible Clubs climbed to over 100.
· Joyful Sowers team began ministering in schools.
· Youth Mission Camps began.
· 5 acres of land purchased, and 2 houses built for
   ministry staff.
· Camp counselor quarters built.
· Nyoring Baptist, Sanga Baptist, and Digu Assembly of
  God churches were
  refurbished and helped complete.
· Pigu Pastor’s House was built.




· Year closed with 153 Bible Clubs!

· Children’s Crusades began.
· Young translators class (Seedlings) began for
   ages 11-17.
· Accepted invitations to hold Experiencing God and

   Marriage Conferences in Techiman.
· Volta Region Bible clubs began – 1st introduction into
   southern Ghana.
· Kpaligun Evangelical Christian Church of Ghana,
   Sagnarigu-Kukuo Baptist, and B. Dakpemyili
   Presbyterian churches were built.
· Kalpohine Kindergarten and Kukunaayili-Nyankpala
   Schools were completed.




· Container shipped to Ghana.
· Youth Mission Camps began.
· God did a miraculous healing on Bob’s back!
· Wungu Assembly of God, Disiga Baptist, and
   Galenshegu Baptist churches were built.



· Farming, Food and Outreach Ministry began.
· Our grandson, Seth, ministered in Ghana with us for 6
· Zali Baptist church and Wungu Pastor’s house were
· Helped to complete Tampe-Kukuo International




· Nissan truck was donated and shipped to Ghana from
   the US.
· Rented a house in Gushegu to facilitate Club Leaders
· Tali Assembly of God, Lameshegu Presbyterian, Gua       Baptist, and Sↄɣnaayili Assembly of God churches
   were built.
· Thomas began Seedling Kids Academy.




· Our son and his family, Toby, Joy, Seth & Caleb moved
   to Ghana to begin 1-1/2 years ministry.
· God's Story questions were translated into Dagbani
   and became the Bible Club curriculum.
· Helped to complete Kalpohine Pastor’s House.




· Number of Bible Clubs went over 200 and number of
  children attending weekly over 8,000!!!!!
· 5 Ministry Outposts were established.
· Erected Gunisani Baptist, Kpendua Baptist, Tali
   Assembly of God church buildings.
· Saakpuli School was built.





· Jirandogo site was purchased and 2nd Ministry Center
· Seedlings peaked at 68 youth attending twice weekly
   for Bible Studies and learning how to translate from
   English into Dagbani.

· Toby and his family moved back to the US.




· Bible Clubs continued to expand.
· Jirandogo Ministry Center was completed.
· Church Leaders Training Academy (CLTA) began in
· Purchased land in Gushegu and began building the 3rd
   Ministry Center.
· Churches baptized 319 new believers.
· Sagnarigu Nasara Chapel, Limo Baptist, Kpana
   Presbyterian, and Boagban Wesleyan churches were



· Bible Clubs went to over 250 with over 10,000 children
· Bible Club ministry was turned over to Local Area
· Gushegu Ministry Center was built.
· CLTA began in Gushegu.
· Jirandogo, Kakupe/Lagee , Ocheripe, Tamalebila,
   Buntum, Kabieso, and Gushegu wells were drilled.





·  Bible Clubs continued to steadily rise ending the year
   with 262 Clubs.
· Jirandogo CLTA’s 1st graduating class.
· Tamale CLTA began.
· Gunisani Baptist, Zagyuri Baptist, Namdu Baptist, and
   Zinendo Baptist churches were built.
· Faith Baptist Church 3rd Building renovation began.
· Limo Pastor’s House was built.




· Bibles Clubs closed out the year with 299 clubs.
· Gushegu CLTA's 1st graduating class.
· Galenshegu Church renovation was completed.
· Namdu Pastor’s House was built.




· Bible Clubs rose to over 300 with 540 volunteers
   leading more than 12,000 children.

· Nanton Baptist and Nakundugu Baptist churches were

· Nanton Pastor’s House was built.




· Added Bolgatanga Area Bible Clubs increasing
  number to 500.
· Galiwei Baptist, Nanbagla Assembly of God, N-Limo
   Assembly of God and Kpene Baptist churches were
· Tali Assembly of God Church was rebuilt after being
   destroyed by a storm.
· N-Limo and Kpene Pastors house were built.
· Limo, Dawunyili, Nachimbiya wells were drilled.





· Bible Clubs rose to 524 with 20,168 children

· Boayini Ministry Center was established.
· Gbollo-Kpalsi Salvation Assembly of God ceiling and
   plaster was done to finish their building.
· Boayini and Chaayili wells were drilled.



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