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March 9, 2013, 1:23 PM

Kpana Storm Damage

This is a fast update to the Blog. Peter received a phone call from Paul, his father, that the storm had already hit Kpana. It did blow at least one of the Gables back down in addition to maybe as many as half of the roofs in the community. Peter's brother was on him way home during the storm and had to dodge the zinc roofing sheets that blew off of the school. 

We will go out there tomorrow morning to find out more. Keep them in your prayers.


03-09-2013 at 1:33 PM
Prayers sent. Miss you all so much...wish I was getting on a plane tomorrow heading your way. Much love to you all.
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March 9, 2013, 12:32 PM

Our Awesome God

Our friend Philip has taught us that the only time the word Awesome is to be used is for God. He is truly the only AWESOME thing. That is why we can say absolutely, this has been another awesome week in the Lord. We have been blessed to see Him work in many ways.

We are working hard on the construction side, but are still having time to share with others as we go. One church is roofed and 2 others are close to roofing level. We had an early storm the same day the gables were put up on the Kpana Church and it blew them back down. They have been put back up, finishing the last one today, now it is evening and we are getting a lot of wind. We are praying that it goes around Kpana and not bring any destruction in its path.

We got on the road at 5:00 am Friday and had a long drive to the Salaga area and beyond. We laid out the Church building in Gulibe and started the process of getting material.

Pray with us that things do not continue to raise in cost. It seems the Ghana economy is hurting as much as the rest of the world. We have had fuel shortages, electricity off 48 hours at a time and we just heard that electric bills are going up 80%!  Wow.

While we were in the Salaga Area yesterday, we met with the Chief and a lot of the village at Jirandogo to ask about land to put an Outpost Ministry Center. We found out that the village would not sell us the land but they gave us 3 times the land that we asked for. God proves Himself faithful time after time. It will be a great place in that area for us and teams to stay. It will be a place to teach, train, Worship and live when people come for extended stays. Now we are believing God for the resources to be able to raise these buildings up in the next 3 months.

When we go to the Salaga area, I see many fishing nets being repaired and it made me think of the many many people lost in that area. Now is the time to work until the nets are full. Bob 


04-25-2013 at 11:36 AM
Allison Mizell
The ministry is always in my heart and prayers. It's so exciting to see God's favor and will working in your ministry!
03-09-2013 at 2:16 PM
April Martin
Praying! God is amazing!!
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March 2, 2013, 2:43 PM

Good Day Good Day (as Seth says)

These are my favorite kinds of days around Seed Ministry… The days when there is so much activity going on. The morning started out at 7am with a walk which was fun and I met some new people. Also got a blister on my heel and twisted my ankle :(   But I’m ok.

That was followed by a baptism at 8am; you can’t go wrong with a day that begins with new believers following through their commitment with baptism. Praise the Lord!

Thomas is teaching 29 new Bible Club Leaders the Foundation Training which is the first training they receive. Most of these are to replace existing Leaders that have gone to school, etc., some are actually old clubs that have stopped in their communities and they now want to revive the club and some are from new places to us – someone has told them about the Bible Clubs and they want one in their community. What a joy!

Meanwhile, just outside the gate, John was leading the Seedling Class for I don’t know how many children and I was in the summer hut with those in Grade 4 thru Junior High. You have to love the honesty of this age group when, as we discussed sin in our lives, and when asked what kinds of sins they might commit and you get answers like 'stealing the meat or small fish from the stew while it is cooking'.

Peter and Thomas Alhassan have kept busy picking up mangoes that are falling like rain right now and the ladies cooked for the Club Leaders. Mmmm – Jolloff Rice and sweet, sweet mangoes. (Does mangoes have an e?) Thomas' youngest daughter Judith, when she wants to come over, now says she wants to go to the Mango House. 

After taking time to hand out a bucket of Mangoes to the Seedlings children, Bob and Emmanuel have been to visit each of the three building sites and checking out the progression of work on the Church Buildings that are growing close to being completed. How amazing is it that God has provided 3 church buildings this year already!

We have lived here twelve years, yet still today, I am so completely overwhelmed with the ways that God works and still today, I sit here ‘sowing in tears’ as we so abundantly reap in joy.

Tell someone about Jesus today! 

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February 24, 2013, 1:50 PM

Area Leaders


We have just closed out 2 meetings today (Saturday); one with the Area Leaders who came on Friday and are leaving later today. The Zone Leaders meeting started at 2:00 and closed at 4:00.

Both were productive and fun. The Area Leaders are the Cream of the Crop. They accomplish a lot on a very little. Three of them live where there is no electricity and no good water but they continue to minister in all these hardships. They continue to amaze me in some of the challenges they face but they truly have the Joy of the Lord and it shows. We have 217 active Bible Clubs and we are looking for that to grow with some new areas requesting the Foundation Training as far as 175 miles away.

The Pastor of the Church here in our area has asked if I would preach at his church for the next 3 months while he is away. It has a lot of children and youth. Pray while he is away learning that the church here will also be learning.

We have the Kpana and Sognarigu church buildings to the roofing level and the Limo one will be shortly.

Our power and water has been off for 2 days but it is suppose to be back on Monday.

Psalms 121:1 I lift up my eyes to the hills— where does my help come from? 2 My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. 


03-01-2013 at 12:30 PM
The Spirit of God and the Word of God is enough to do the work of God......pretty sure I stole that from David Platt along the way....thanks for the reminder! If our brothers can carry on the work without electricity and good water...then surely we can continue to trust God to supply all that we need for His work on this side of the ocean too. Love you guys!!
03-01-2013 at 9:40 AM
Roger Dillon
Oh how God is working in the hearts of the Ghaniahn people. I will be praying for a great revival in the church during these 3 months. May His Name be lifted up, people turn to Jesus with growing Bible Clubs.
03-01-2013 at 9:05 AM
Bryan Carter
I am so proud of you and it was an honor to be with you all back in 2011. I think of and pray for you often! Let us know if you need anything! Love you all! In His Service, Bryan Carter--youth pastor--Grace Baptist Church
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February 21, 2013, 2:36 AM

Obstacles to Opportunities


Greetings from Tamale,

We continue to have many times that God uses us to change "obstacles into opportunities" (as author and pastor James McDonald calls it). We had a very talented and energetic team scheduled to minister with 2 churches here. The leaders, Vince and Brenda, came and set up everything while we were in the states. They were to arrive in Tamale on the 13th, host a 2 day Pastors Conference, 3 Crusades and preaching in the local churches.

Great plans - everything set, until their flight was canceled in the states and they were sent to another city - whoops missed that flight. The next day they then flew to Amsterdam - ok only 2 days late. Oh, but wait, the plane was only half full. The captain comes on and says there are stranded passengers in Dublin, Ireland. It will just delay them a small time and they will call ahead for those that have connecting flights to wait for them; whoops - been there done that. They don’t.

Picked up stranded passengers; get into Amsterdam, run to gate - sorry plane left 10 minutes ago. "We will get you on the flight tomorrow to Accra." They arrived in Accra very tired, ready to take the early morning flight to Tamale - whoops flight full; "we will get you on the late afternoon flight." Even that was 2 hours late but they got here safely. We fed them and took them directly to a crusade where they had several new converts. Praise God!

In the mean time, while they were waiting in Airports, Bonnie and I had the privilege of teaching the Pastors Conference for two days and I preached the first night of the Crusade. We were able to contact the Assembly of God Seminary and Baptist Seminary and they gave us their graduating classes for a one day Conference. They had 48 of the next generation of Pastors. Is that not turning Obstacles into Opportunities? What an Awesome God we serve.

The Art Alive Team has done so well and we praise God for their willingness to come to the northern part of Ghana. As they leave we are hoping they will return again soon.


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